About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I am a 40-ish fashion fanatic! A mom to 4 beautiful children, wife, sister, professional, and a business woman. Vivellefashion ( also Model Wanna be) is a fashion, health, and beauty blog created to chronicle my evolving confidence, taste, and personal style while giving others like myself style ideas and tips. My style preference has evolved from shy and subdued to bold…yet maintaining Simplicity, Sophistication, glam, Elegance, and Class…these are important to me.

I have always loved fashion and dress up, but seriously, what little girly-girl doesn’t?

Growing up in Nigeria, I remember making little paper dresses for my dolls as I fantasized wearing these dresses, long before I knew anything about modeling or even the word “model”. My Mom dressed us in the most “Fashion forward” outfits among other kids on our block…we were wearing pants when it was frowned upon for women or girls to wear pants. If you come from that part of the world, in that era, I’m sure you  appreciate what I mean.

However, growing up was not very easy for me…You see, I was the skinny, awkward, and clumsy teenager…yes, that one! I would fall if the wind blew me from a wrong angle, my legs were so skinny, I was often called “chicken legs”…hehe! I laugh now because, those “Chicken legs” are now Killer legs! Those years made me very self conscious of my body image…couldn’t wear short dresses, shorts, or anything that revealed my legs. NOW… I can wear anything, and make it look good! Yes, I said that..Hehehe!

Anyways, fast forward a few light years and I found my self in the U.S….my eyes were opened to the world of fashion and modeling. I dabbled her and there in small time, and I mean, small time modeling ventures, nothing very serious…God had other plans for me, vis a vis, family, business, and professional achievements, all of which I cherish and would not change it for the world! My love for fashion never waned even during this time, just wasn’t foremost in my life. Every life experience shapes us one way or another, I have a renewed boldness, and inspiration to follow my heart and dream.

I like to work trends into my own personal style to create an effortless elegance. I love Couture, designer, and runway fashion! BUT, as we are all aware, it isn’t easy to pull off these loves on a budget, so…I find ways to shop on a dime (wink), and still look fashionable. I’d love to be an inspiration to, and learn from you as well.

So, browse on, leave a comment or two, suggestions, questions or remarks…I’d love to hear from you. Stay effortlessly Fashionable!