Effortless Elegance…


Don’t you love looking effortlessly elegant?

Looking graceful and well put together without appearing to have worked for hours, or tried too hard to achieve any desired look….be content, real, authentic, understated, and confident. Effortless elegance is easy to achieve. Wear more natural looking makeup and outfits that do not detract from you as an individual. Less is always more.  

As I often say, your makeup or accessory should not be seen before you, or take center stage. The focus should be you, your posture, poise, how you carry yourself, not necessarily what you wear. As Karl Lagerfeld put it…you can wear a T-shirt and pair of jeans and still be the chicest thing in the world!

As Paul Coelho put it…..the simpler and more sober the posture, the more beautiful it will be. Perfection may not be attained, as we are all imperfect…Take pride in your appearance by how you carry yourself. Your every strut should be intentional, calculated, with poise, and grace….but oh so effortless, exuding an admirably quiet confidence.


However, true elegance should start from within oneself. As Genevieve Antoine Dariaux puts it….. “To be elegant is first of all to know oneself, and to know oneself well requires a certain amount of reflection and intelligence.”  Stay effortlessly elegant….


xoxo Vivellefashion

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    1. Hey my friend. I’m so excited about you blog. You look fabulous btw! Can’t wait for what you post next.

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