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13 Best Shopping Tips when on a Budget

Because luxury items are not a need but a want to most of us, it is important to shop strategically and avoid getting in trouble, financially, so here are my 13 best shopping tips when on a budget. I love fashion and  I love styling my fashion finds, however I love my 💵and have no intention of spending my hard earned cash on things that would eventually loose luster.  

Nma Corset belt

Most importantly, I love to take care of the finances God has entrusted me! As much as I love fashion, managing my money according to biblical principles is also very important to me. So, I make sure I save before splurging.

For me, looking my best is my thing. I want to look good but also love to save. There are several steps I take to bring a balance. 

Ralph Lauren blazer thrifted, Chloe handbag consigned, Valentino ankle strap pumps from TJmax, Blouse from H&M, pants from Asos, and sunglasses Balmain from saks off fifth. All at deep discounts!
Ralph Lauren blazer thrifted, Chloe handbag consigned, Valentino ankle strap pumps from TJmax, Blouse from H&M, pants from Asos, and sunglasses Balmain from saks off fifth. All at deep discounts!

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13 best shopping tips when on a budget

  1. Decide on a budget and set aside a certain amount monthly, biweekly or according to you paycheck frequency. This allows you to dedicate some money to your clothing needs and not feel deprived. It also ensures that you keep priorities in focus, because like I mentioned, luxury items and not needs.
  2. I shop the sales…always! Even the clearance racks. There’s lots of treasures to be found in those racks I tell you. I gravitate to sales/clearance racks or tabs when I shop for most things. That way, I do not miss out on the markdowns.
  3. I shop where it’s possibly to get the most bang for my money, responsibly. Sales, consignment, clearance, sample sales, outlet stores etc.
  4. How many time have you bought an item, only to have it marked down within a few weeks? Granted, some stores will refund the difference, but why risk it? Wait for a sale. This I do, all the time because I haven’t yet, come across an outfit that I have to have now…that couldn’t wait for a sale. When I do, I’ll be sure to make it known.
  5. Because every new and shiny object eventually loses its luster, I try to not focus so much on the new and shiny. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting brand new, shiny things just like everybody else. However I pick and choose, and try to make wise decisions as much as I can when it comes to my buying passion. For that reason, I shop consignment store for certain things. I you concerned about sanity, there are ways to sanitized preloved items. However, you can also find plenty of unworn items with original tags at a fraction of the original cost. Most importantly, you play your part in the fight for environmental sustainability. I covered this in my post sustainable renewable fashion: join the movement.
  6. Which is the reason why I focus more on the classics… Items that I can really wear, and reuse/rewear and not worry so much about them being out of fashion. For that reason, I insist on only buying on-trend items that I really fall in love with, but invest more on the classics. With classics, I can re-wear, reuse, and re-style them without much concern, making my money go a long way for me.
  7. Also, most people don’t just wear an outfit once in real life, I hope, I especially love being able to show how to maximize the use of the outfits I purchase. Showing how they can be worn several different ways is my little contribution for the race towards sustainability in the fashion industry… is to everyone’s benefit, right?
  8. Permission to mix high and low brands. You don’t have to break the bank to look good. Mixing high-end and low-end fashion is totally chic. A simple dress from target or Walmart can be made to look polished by simply carrying or adding a designer shoes or bag. My post on styling fall fashion with Walmart shows my Walmart outfits with Gucci ankle boots.
  9. One other trick that most people forget is the use of accessories. Accessories can make or break any look. Simply adding a belt to a dress, a skirt, or high waisted pants can instantly change and improve any look. Here are a few selections on my website to help you get started.
  10. Only buy what you need. Avoid buying things because they are on sale. I ave made that mistake several times before, only to find that I didn’t need it or don’t like it as much as I thought I did. As a matter of fact I have a few pairs of shoes I bought because they were on sale, and hate them. I’ll be sending them off to be consigned…when I get around to it! smh
  11. Buy versatile pieces that can be worn different ways or incorporated into different outfits for a different take or look. Make them the core of your closet. For example, buying a skirt set that can be worn with a different top or bottom interchangeably, so you have three or four instead of just one outfit.
  12. Rent designer items. Although I have personally tried done this, but this could be a way to help satisfy that craving without shelling out the fortune it sometimes takes to make luxury item purchases. It also allows you to essentially test drive the item and determine if it’s something you’ll like forever.
  13. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, always be deliberate when making purchases. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need it or have to have it. I’m guilty as charged, but I try to reduce the number of impulse purchases I make. Only buy items that will complete your wardrobe, in other words, items you can use to style and restyle what you already own. This step will ensure you can restyle your outfit into different looks. Using my 13 best shopping tips when on a budget will help you stay on top of your fashion spending. You can also check out this buzzfeed article.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think below.