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How to elegantly style a harness belt

How to elegantly style a harness belt

Well hello again! Glad you’re here…talking How to elegantly style a harness belt. Do you shy away from harness belts? Then, read on…

Harness belts are fashion statement adornments that serve as a silhouette accentuating accessory, and when worn appropriately, adds a provocative touch of edgy chic vibe. A Harness belt, when done well, evokes an alluring air of command, control, and toughness by balancing an ultra feminine look with a hint of toughness. Additionally, it adds that extra oomph that takes your outfit up a notch. See my previous post here. Therefore, I’m addressing How to elegantly style a harness belt.

I know…you may not agree, but allow me to make my case. I do understand the image and thought a harness evokes…a feeling of dread to some as it is associated with goth, S&M, Steampunk, and the likes. However, who says that cannot be channeled as a sartorial elegance. Because they make a statement all their own, they are perfect for adding interest to any look.

How to elegantly style a harness belt

Appropriately though, harness belts are making a comeback…will you be donning them? Here are some reasons why I am making the case for harness belt . First, as I mentioned above, they are silhouette enhancing accessories that help accentuate your look. Secondly, they add dimension and depth to any look. Thirdly, when layered over clothing, they serve as a point of interest, and add an interesting vibe to an otherwise basic look. Finally, I just think they are cool, provocative, and intriguing.

That being said, I took this dress, previously styled here, and upped the ante and styled it up a notch by adding this harness belt, OTK boots and a leather jacket. Of note though, I accentuated my waistline using a studded belt in the same color tone as the dress. Which look do you prefer?

So all that being said, how do you style a harness belt without looking too brut or rough around the edges…assuming that’s not the look you are going for?

Tips for how to style a harness belt and look chic

  • Layer over a basic tee to add interest to an otherwise plain look.
  • add definition and structure to a loose fitting dress
  • opt for a fitted dress, and layer with this harness to accentuate your figure even further.
  • On the other hand, style an elasticized harness underneath your clothing peaking out over your décolletage for a subtle hint of edge. Like this dress or top.
  • Style over a sweater dress, like this for an unexpected edge. Try this as well.

What are  your thoughts? How else would you style this look? Which ever way you choose, remember to own it, and rock it with poise and confidence!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week. Ciao!!

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