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Styling a Poncho + tiered lace skirt

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Hello loves! I’m Styling a Poncho + tiered lace skirt today. Do you own or have considered owning a poncho?

Ponchos are a closet must have…they never go out of style, so you have a classic outfit to wear year after year. Ponchos are also, surprisingly very easy to style. Styled well, they evoke an air of chic, elegant, and a polished vibe. There are scores of poncho styles and print available in the market, however, I specially love this one because of it’s many gorgeous hues, which makes it easy, and very versatile to style. Pursuant to my rant on my previous post, this is also a restyle…see the previous styling here.

Styling a Poncho + tiered lace skirt gets tricky playing with volume from both the poncho and skirt. Because the Poncho lends to a loose silhouette, which I’m not a great fan of, I added a belt for waist definition, and I opted for the light colored belt as a contrast to the background of the deep beautiful hues of the Poncho. In contrast, my previous styling was partially belted, which was great, this time I opted for a complete belt through which resulted in a somewhat different look.

In addition, my decision to belt it through stems from the fact that not a lot of things in fashion, excites me as much as a well defined waistline and silhouette. I love the audacious allure, fullness and silhouette of the billowing sleeves that resulted from the decision.

What are  your thoughts? How else would you style this look? Which ever way you choose, remember to own it, and rock it with poise and confidence!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week. Ciao!!

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