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9 Proven Natural Motion Sickness Remedies You Need

9 Natural Motion Sickness Remedies You Need
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9 Proven natural MO T I O N  S I C K N E S S remedies You Need

Motion or car sickness has been an issue for me since childhood, and it still bothers me to date. I remember getting so sick during our family summer travels…so sick that I was totally weakened from continued vomiting when we got to our destination!

Even as an adult, whenever I’m not in the driver seat, I get sick to my stomach! In this post, I’ll discuss 9 proven natural motion sickness remedies you need, that have worked for me. I like natural. See here.

Motion sickness is caused by a disconnect between what the eyes see, and what the middle ears feels (the middle ears controls equilibrium, balance, or our position in space). So, if the eyes see movement and the middle ear(s) doesn’t sense it, then dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness, and even vomiting ensues. 

9 Proven Natural M O T I O N  S I C K N E S S  Remedies

My motion sickness remedies

Here is how I control my car sickness issues 

. Take the driver seat! When I drive car sickness is a non-issue.

. When not driving, I try as much as possible to stay in the front seat. 

. If the above is not possible, then I try my best to face the direction of the motion 

. The above means I have to put my phone away because it’s worse when I’m not looking at the direction the vehicle is headed. 

. Instead, I put my EarPods on and listened to some music. This can be either a calming music to lead me into a nap, or just something fun…the goal is some distraction. 

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. I try to take something to nibble on, crackers work.

. Sips of carbonated or ginger based drink, like ginger tea to help sooth and calm my stomach 

. Also, I hear chamomile tea, hot or cold, can be beneficial as well

. If all else fails, I just take a nap! Which is exactly what I did on my last trip home…my brother(s) were always behind the wheel, and the road conditions made it impossible to control my motion sickness…so I just napped 🤷🏽‍♀️

. All that being said, if non of these remedies work, then you may have to see your doctor for a prescription for pills/patches to help get it under control. See more here.

Please feel free to comment any other natural motion sickness remedies that you use. Moving on to my look oaths post.

This look is what I wore recently at a conference in Palm Springs, CA. They’re both from my closet, but I listed some similar items. I used it in this post because I’m totally loving the current Bourgeois trend this fall.

The bourgeois trend, which I’ll delve into on a future post is totally my jam. Check out this post here.

How else would you style this look? However you style it, remember to own it and rock it with poise and confidence!!!

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