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A dozen ways to style summer scarves and win

A dozen ways to style summer scarves and win
Posted by Vivellefashion

Hey Loves! Hope you had a fulfilling week. I just got through my daughter’s graduation ceremony and party…phew! Do you own any summer scarves? What are your thoughts on this underused accessory?

Scarfs are a perfect way to up the ante on any look. There are more than A dozen ways to style summer scarves and win. Wear it loosely, casually, or a bit tighter for a more elegant and Sophisticated take. We don them for their cozy warmth in the colder months, and for style and as a point of interest in the warmer months. Scarfs are a must have accessory in any girls’ closet.

Scarfs are also great to spruce off an old outfit from your closet…give it some flare and a fresh new vibe, additionally, it’ll do well in the strive for sustainability by keeping one less thing from the landfill. See my previous post where I talk about sustainability in the fashion industry..

That being said, there are varieties of scarfs and wraps, including-pashminas, blanket scarfs, infinity scarfsbandanas, neckerchiefs, (like I did here), even pocket squares are invaluable in their use. I’ll focus on the summer appropriate ones here. Feel free to check out my previous posts here, here and here for ideas too. Oh, and here too! Can you tally love for scarfs is huge?

A dozen ways to style summer scarves and win (OOTD)

So today, I’m talking styling scarfs. I inadvertently styled this scarf with my look for church, a few Sundays ago. It wasn’t some plan I had meticulously hashed out or planned ahead, but simply born out of a bad hair day…errr, two weeks 😜 because I’d washed my hair, hurriedly put it up in a pony tail, due to lack of time to twist it, and didn’t take it down for, a while. In fact, I’m still sporting the same high pony tail…I tell ya, the struggle is real sometimes for naturalists. At least for this one anyways. if you follow me, you’d know that I’d committed to wearing more of my natural hair, at least this year, a total irony since I recently launched a hair extension  and Mink falsies side hustle…go figure, huh?!

Moving on…scarfs are a fashion conscious girl’s secret. They are colorful, feminine, and their versatility cannot be over stated. In this post, I used mine as a head wrap, with my hair pulled up in a high pony tail, and the scarf wrapped around it, like a crown (I had to use two scarfs to achieve this fullness). The scarf head wrap, lends a chic and polished vibe to my look, giving a nod to fashion icons of old.

About my outfit though, the top is a recent find from @tjmaxx on clearance, the bcbgmaxazria bandage skirt, the Marc Jacobs handbag are from my closet, and you’ve previously seen this peplum belt, choker, heels and loafers. The scarf was also from @tjmaxx a few years ago.

Alternative styling tips

While there’s certainly more than a dozen ways to style summer scarves and win, check these out.

  • Fold this into a triangle and wear over your shoulder as a cape
  • style this as a waist cincher like I did here in this post.
  • Wrap a scarf on your wrist as a bracelet for a cool chic vibe
  • For the Parisian take, fold this one diagonally and tie around your neck, off to the side.
  • Add a sexy playful vibe to that flow summer dress by tying a scarf in contrasting color, like this around your neck
  • Alternatively, tie the scarf on your handbag/purse for an added chic and colorful point of interest
  • For a subtle western vibe, fold a bandana into a triangle and tie around your neck
  • Use scarfs as a belt to hold up your pants for an unexpected take.
  • Also, as a hair accessory, use this scarf instead of a headband
  • Summer layering is very much a thing. So, go ahead and layer a long scarf over your top for a laid-back weekend vibe
  • Large scarfs like this can also double as a beach cover up
  • Drape a colorful large scarf, belted, over your monochrome look to create a vest

I hope this is helpful. How else do you style your scarves in the summer? Which tip did you find most helpful? However you style it, own it and rock it with poise and confidence.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. See you next week. Ciao!!!