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Headscarf + White boots more than just a trend?

Headscarf + White boots more than just a trend?
White ankle boots | Destructed patch jeans | Givenchy Nightingale handbag | Trench coat Posted by Vivellefashion

Addressing two major trends this season and wondering… Headscarf + White boots more than just a trend ? Whether you choose optic white or off whites, these boots are definitely made for walking. The white boot has been all the rage lately. You can def pair them with practically any outfit of your choosing…. midi, mini, maxi dresses, and skirts. Disregard every rule you thought you knew and rock away. This trend has been hot since last fall, into the summer and on to this fall. My take? It’ll be around for a while. Concerned about the longevity? then get yourself budget pairs that won’t break the bank.

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The headscarf trend, on the other hand, is actually becoming a thing. Models were sported on the runways of major designers like Valentino, Donna Karan, Tom Ford, etc. The head wrap offers a solution for bad hair days, or just another accessory, to elevate your look. In addition, it adds an understated elegance to any look, akin to looks created by fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and the likes.

 Headscarf + White boots more than just a trend? (OOTD)

The Sartorial elegance of both the headscarf and white boots cannot be overstated. In this look, I incorporated both trends. I styled these jeans previously seen here and all over IG (yes, I’m obsessed with them) with a simple white long sleeve top, making for a classy and classic look. The white boots add an upgraded and polished vibe to my look. One of the things I love about these particular boots is that the stacked heels subtly channel the cowboy boot trend, while the pointed toes keeps it updated and classic.

Additionally, the headscarf offers so many advantages, from coming in handy on bad hair days, to being an intentional accessory that adds a retro vibe, and elevates any look to a level of sophistication akin to, as I mentioned above, fashion icons of the past. The headscarf is no longer construed as merely a religious ( as in hijabs) or cultural thing ( as in the African culture…which is my culture, by the way), no…it has crossed over into mainstream fashion/style world especially this fashion season. Will you be donning the headscarf?

Alternative styling tips

  • wear the headscarf tied under your chin to instantly add that chic retro vibe, and interest to your look.
  • Go full on with the headscarf, as I did here, as a crowning piece for any outfit
  • Add a baker boy hat, as I did to infuse that confident fashion sense
  • Style your white boots with a midi dress or skirt
  • This chunky sweater ( try this as well) will go perfectly well, styled with these boots and this skirt .

That’s my take! Thanks for stopping by… How else would you style this look? However you choose, own it and rock it with poise and confidence.

See you next week….Ciao!!!

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