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How I care for my luxury leather bags

How I care for my luxury leather bags
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Hello! Are you a shoe or bag freak? I can now say I’m both…used to be a total bag freak, but lately, I find myself gravitating towards shoes as well. If there’s anything I’m willing to splurge on, it’s a handbag…they are investment pieces, imo. With that in mind, how do you ensure that they last for a long time…to get your money’s worth? So, I am sharing

How I care for my luxury leather bags

In today’s post, I’m taking a slightly different format from my normal blogging style to address this issue, and share what I have learned so far. Because luxury handbags are, let’s face it…expensive, it becomes imperative to ensure they will last for a long time. being well made, luxury bags last for a long time, but with proper care, you can get your money’s worth out of them.

How I care for my luxury leather bags

  1. Protection. Protection is key to making sure you enjoy your investment for years to come. First, keep your away for sunlight to prevent fading and warping of the leather. Secondly, as a no brainer, keep away from moisture, and protect from water/rain, and sunlight. Wipe immediately if wet and allow to air dry. Also, mind your light colored bags against clothing that may bleed or transfer color such as jeans. Also, try this protective spray as a line of defense.
  2. Cleaning: A daily cleaning with a soft cloth is recommended to wipe of dust and oil, and prevent the eventual build up of dirt, which ion effect will prolong the life of your bag. I can honestly say I do this when I take it out for use…should be the other way around, I know. Important though, in case of a spill, is to never use a hair drier or any form of heat to dry water spills on your bag! Additionally, use this premium leather cleaner as well.
  3. Condition: To maintain the supple leather feel of a new bag, the main thing is conditioning. Here are a few leather conditioners that work well…of course, it’s important to test the conditioner on a small hidden area before applying to the entire bag. The general recommendation is a monthly conditioning with mink oil or the sort. This also acts as a water proof barrier.

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  1. Storage. This is most imperative for bags that are not in frequent rotation. I have had this bag for quite a few years but only carried it for a handful of times, like here, so to keep it protected, I stuffed it with tissue paper and kept it stowed away in its sleep bag. I save any and all dust bags for later use. They come in handy as handbag stuffers to maintain the shapes of bag, and also as sleep bags to protect against dust. You can also use old cotton pillow cases to achieve the same purpose. However, check this out, may get me a few…so fun!
  2. Professional care. I know of a handful of professional leather and handbag experts. Though I have never used one ( I kinda need to, but haven’t gotten around to it yet), the one name that keeps coming up in most recommendations is the Leather spa.They apparently, work with high end store to fix and condition bags. I’ll post an update if, and when I eventually get around to using them.

What are other ways you care for your bags?

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