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How to style a yellow floral Maxi dress

How to style a yellow floral Maxi dress
Topshop yellow floral Maxi dress | Cult Gaia Stella bag | Posted by Vivellefashion



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This shot was taken while we were in Cabo. Yellow is one of the most captivating colors, the most visible in the color spectrum. It is  associated with youth, lightheartedness, merriment, joy, optimism, and warmth. See this post here. Wearing yellow can be tricky though. Because most people feel intimidated, there are certain tips to employ to help overcome or reduce the feeling of dread. Also, there a so many different shades of yellow, that I’m pretty sure you can find one that is perfect for your skin tone.

How to style a yellow floral Maxi dress

First, avoid the bumblebee effect by pairing with other colors than black. Secondly, Yellow pairs will with neutrals, if you are looking to tamper down the yellow. Finally, if you feel intimidated, start off with yellow accessories…they add an extra flair to your look and make quite a pop.

Speaking of bumblebees though, I guess its not just us humans that are attracted to the color yellow. I had one follow me around during this shoot trying to pollinate me. It seriously was relentless and would not leave me alone. Surely, it wasn’t trying to sting me, because it kept landing on my dress…haha!

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Alternative styling tips

  • For a more elevated look, pair with these pumps. Try these as well.
  • Add some summer freshness by pairing with these shoes and this bag. I’m in love with this one.
  • Add some edge to your look by pairing with a different print in contrasting color like this and this.
  • For an urban chic take, pair with these sneaks and these 
  • Add this over the dress, belted with this for a little edge
  • Style with these booties or these

How else would you style this dress? However you choose to style it, own it and rock it with poise and confidence!

Thanks for stopping by…see you next week, Ciao!!!