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How to style linen in cold weather

How to style linen in cold weather

How to style linen in cold weather

Much like wearing white after Labor Day, wearing linen after Labor Day and into the fall and winter months is totally a personal preference issue. I personally don’t see anything wrong with wearing linen in the fall and winter months as long as you layer and dress reasonably appropriate for the season. In addition the linen fabric that you choose should be on the darker tone, although not totally necessary.

Also, because of the breathable and super absorbent nature of linen, it is perfect for the hot summer months and also for layering in cooler months.

Most importantly, linen fabric is responsibly and sustainably made. Which is very sensible in this day and age of pollution. See my posts here and here

I know some people shy away from linen fabric because of its ability to rumple quite easily. I on the other hand welcome and gravitate towards it, because I see the wrinkles as adding some character to the fabric and the entire look, much like the wrinkles on my face 😂

Alternate tips on how to style linen in cold weather

  • As I mentioned above, choose darker, earthy tones that are in line with the season.
  • Add a wool coat or jacket to keep warm
  • Style with this scarf to add depth and interest to your look. I love this one too.
  • Opt for bright tones toned down and grounded by leather to add some interesting textural finish to your look

What are  your thoughts? How else would you style this look? Which ever way you choose, remember to own it, and rock it with poise and confidence!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you next week. Ciao!!!