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How to take your Fall outfit from Drab to Glam.

How to take you Fall outfit from drab to glam
How to take your Fall outfit from drab to Glam Posted by Vivellefashion

Going from Drab to Glam

Welcome back Loves!

I hope your weekend went beautifully well. Mine was…glory to God! I am continuing my previous post on tips for transitioning seamlessly into the Fall. Therefore, I am sharing this post for inspirations on taking your fall outfits from drab to glam. As one of the tips, I mentioned using accessories, plus a few other practical tips as well, to transition into fall. Well, accessories will also elevate your Fall look from drab to glam.

Although, most every where else, Fall means cooler weather, harsher, drier breeze, and beautiful fall colors of the changing foliage. Here in Texas, we seem to miss the Fall season and just fall right into winter from the summer season, which lasts up until October sometimes…pun intended..hehe. Me? not complaining at all. Love being warm, but I miss the changing colors of Fall foliage. But wait…that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the weather as it is though, and find a reason to glam up my look…or, no reason at all. There are several ways I did this in this post. Psst…pretend you don’t notice the bright sunny weather in the pics…haha! That’s how we do it in Texas, we just go with the flow.

First, I start by incorporating some of those fall colors I mentioned in my previous post, with this here necklace. By the way, I couldn’t wait to style this necklace because of the beautiful Fall colors of the stones. It’s made of genuine stones and a bit heavy, but I still love it. Throw on a Fedora hat and, yes…looking good. I could stop there, but I said to myself, why stop there, if I can go from ‘yes’ to “Bam!”

So, I go on to show how another simple accessory can change your fashion game, and take your outfit from drab to glam. From yes to BAM! Notice how the plaid scarf quickly elevated the look. Mixing patterns/prints works well. In this case, Houndstooth and plaid absolutely complement each other, I think. What do you think? Leave me a comment.

Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon!


  • Fedora Hat: BCBG Maxazria (old)
  • Black fitted top: Michael Kors (old)
  • Vest: (old)
  • Skinny Pants: (old)
  • Plaid Scarf: Random Regalia (here)
  • Shoes: BCBG Maxazria Booties.


  1. September 29, 2016 / 12:46 pm

    Great tips for fall transition and love your pics!

    • September 30, 2016 / 10:41 pm

      Thank you dear! Appreciate you stopping by..

  2. Idu Emeziem
    October 2, 2016 / 6:55 pm

    Now that’s how you take a look from drab to glam fab! I love your scarf Viv. Very fierce look babe!

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