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My simple anti-aging makeup and beauty routine

Hello loves! it has been a minute…maybe more than a minute. So sorry…missed you guys. This hiatus was mostly due to the fact that my site was down for a long bit. Anywhoo, I hope you follow me in social media to see what I’d been up to. So glad to be back. Today, I’m sharing a few of my recent, and not-so recent beauty finds, and My simple anti-aging makeup and beauty routine.

Like most people, I totally love and admire really good make up, but I’m not a makeup-person in that sense of the word. Yes, I put on foundation, powder, and maybe some contour here and there and love it. However, it has only been within the last couple of years that I have indulged so much in makeup. Prior to that, I would just put on my compact, pressed powder and be done with it. Who’s with me? Maybe no-one, I get it! I’m more of an outfit person anyway.

However, like I hinted above, in the last couple of years, I found myself more involved in makeup…and there’s totally nothing wrong with that! Although I love the makeup look, however my concern still hedged on the effect that some of these product ingredients were having on my skin…especially long term. Perhaps I was using the wrong product…who knows!

As we all know the skin is the largest organ in the body, and with such a large surface area the risk of absorbing junk increases exponentially, especially since makeup products are not chemical free. In my opinion, they all contribute to the skin damage and speed up the aging process, hence, My simple anti-aging makeup and beauty routine.

My simple anti-aging makeup and beauty routine

Although I have not taken the time to research each and every bit of the chemicals used in manufacturing makeups, I just know that they’re inevitably not good for my skin. I know, there are measures that I could take to keep make up from being in contact with my skin for too long. Measures such as, washing make up off my face, and not going to bed with make up, facemasks, frequent facials, drinking plenty of water etc. I do get it, however my motto still remains…less is more! It is for that reason that I have tried to use as few products as possible.

That being said, I will share what I currently use for makeup. So, I have not used a foundation in the past three months and I have seen a difference in the texture of my skin. It may be the brand that I was using, who knows… but then again, less. is. still. more. Here is My simple anti-aging makeup and beauty routine

Number one product I use is in the Clarins line. The Clarins SOS primer. I have it in the deep tone for contouring and the lighter tone that matches closely to my skin tone for allover coverage. I love them because they serve several purposes. They moisturize, neutralize, and blur imperfections, while illuminating my skin. Next, I apply my concealer and blush. In doing this, I find that my face still looks made up enough to my satisfaction.

Additionally, I use Algenist color correcting finishing powder over my entire face and I’m done. Occasionally, I would also use the Clarins bronzer compact to highlight certain areas of my face. Finally, to enhance my eye even without eye makeup, I apply one of these.

On the other hand, other products that I use on a daily basis are the Clarins double serum and the mission perfection serum. I also just recently added the Algenist brand to my routine, specifically the genius-the ultimate anti-aging cream, and the multi perfecting detoxifying exfoliate, and I’m seeing good results from that as well. Get it here. Fortunately for me, I started using it before I discovered it has received rave reviews, check it out here.

My recent OOTD

How cute is this dress? I love the gentle ruffles, the flowy and vintage floral vibe…very feminine. In addition to that, also the fact that I can style it several different ways! I styled it with and without a belt here, three different shoes to match different occasions. In addition, I stayed it with different bags and a boater hat for fun. They were all previously styled here, here, and here. My charm is here. Which is your fav look?

How else would you style this look? However you style it, remember to own it and rock it with poise and confidence!!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week. Ciao!!