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Purple Passion For Fall

Posted by Vivellefashion in Purple Passion for Fall
Marc Jacobs; Max Azria Runway; BCBG Maxazria; Gucci Posted by Vivellefashion

Posted by Vivellefashion in Purple Passion for Fall

Welcome back Loves!

Live Life to the Fullest with Passion!

I’m showing my Purple Passion for Fall. I sure hope your week was good. Me? I had a good week overall, save for a car wreck…ugh! But thank God and my children and I are fine…we walked away with no injuries. I can tell you though that it shook me to the core! The nurse anesthetist in me kicked into full gear to make sure everyone was ok, after the mom in me calmed down. Let me be quick to add though, that it wasn’t my fault. Now that we got that straight…hehe.

On the positive side, you know, this car wreck got me thinking about the importance of living our lives to the fullest…the “no one is promised tomorrow mantra”…know what I mean?… to Live life consciously, stop and smell the roses, I could go on, but you get my drift. Even though it may have just been a car wreck, but it’s so easy to be here now and gone within the twinkle of an eye. God Forbid it!

Moving on! Have I mentioned how much I love fall? Umm…not the cold weather that comes with fall, but rather, the colors of fall, see hereif you missed it. I also love pencil skirts, and I especially love bandage pencil skirts because they are so form fitting and flattering, yet unforgiving. However, to keep those unflattering things nicely tucked away, “Spanx up darling” is what Fashionably Idu says…haha, Love her.

I have been into all shades of purple lately, and rightfully so, since its my favorite and birthstone color. Purported to be the color of spirituality and strength, it’s also the color of royalty. In my little research into the psychology behind my love for the color purple, I found this website that almost eerily described me to a T, I mean seriously! Check it out hereI was cracking up though at some of the qualities of purple lovers. One of them is the fact that time means little to me…I am often late for everything, because I trust the universe to take care of things…eerily true of me!

Today, I’m featuring a…wait for it…a BCBG Maxazria Leger bandage skirt (shocker right?), worn with a simple turtle neck top. I love this top because, not only is it insulating enough to keep me warm, since our “bipolar” Texas weather decided to cool a bit down this morning, but it’s also light enough to keep me from burning up when the weather warms up later in the day. Another reason why I love this top is the fact that the turtle neck area is a continuous fabric with the bodice, in other words, no seam at the neckline, which gives the illusion of a long sexy neck line, and quite comfortable to wear.

Further, as a protective layer, should the weather decide get colder, I have my Maz Azria runway Shawl/coat as a layering piece. I’ve always been in love with this beauty since I purchased it a few years back, not only for the rich hue, but simply because it affords me a versatility to style it several different ways. Perhaps I’ll showcase that in future posts…if time permits. These brown high heel Gucci boots give a nice continuous long silhouette for my legs, and of course my Marc Jacobs purple handbag (also styled here) complements the top.

Finally, to finish up, I have on a belt I purchased from some boutique on a trip to Maui a few years back. I do that a lot, by the way…finding unique fashion pieces when I travel. This worked so well in this purple passion for fall post. What have you found lately in your travels? How else would you style this? Lemme know below.

Wearing Finds:

  • Top: 14th & Union turtle neck top (Here)
  • Skirt: BCBG Maxazria Leger Bandage Skirt (Similar)
  • Coat: Max Azria Runway (old)
  • Shoes: Gucci (old)
  • Handbag: Marc Jacobs (old)
  • Belt: Old

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Posted by Vivellefashion in Purple Passion for Fall Posted by Vivellefashion in Purple Passion for Fall img_2834 img_2835 Posted by Vivellefashion in Purple Passion for Fall img_2837 img_2839 img_2840 img_2842 img_2843 Posted by Vivellefashion in Purple Passion for Fall


  1. Idu Emeziem
    November 13, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    This has got to be my favorite look of you Viv! Super cute. Great styling. I love all the pieces and they work harmoniously well. So sorry you got in a car crash and so glad y’all are okay. Tomorrow is surely not promised which is why I live my life to the fullest always. Haha, I am a purple lover as well and must check out that site. Herve Leger pieces are cute. My daughter wont let mine be. I honestly can’t say I know where any of them are. Seriously beautiful look girl!

    • November 13, 2016 / 3:31 pm

      Idu dear, thanks for stopping by, and I’m so glad you love it…Thanks! Purple lovers do rock! 🙂