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Styling Polka dots + Lace, timeless and classic

Styling Polka dots + Lace, timeless and classic
Marco bologna Polka dots top | MSGM sheer Lace pants | Peplum belt | Wide brim floppy hat Posted by Vivellefashion

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I can’t think of anything more feminine, classy and classic than lace and polka dots. First, Polka dots, are fun, and infuse a lotta personality to any look, thereby elevating your look to an elegance and sophistication akin to Princess Di’s.

In the same line, Lace is equally as classy and classic, as it conveys an intense feeling of class and timelessness. It is both sensual and romantic, little wonder its the fabric of choice for wedding gowns and lingerie. The class and timelessness of lace and polka dots cannot be overstated, and my love for classy and timeless is equally the same. Check out my previous posts here, here, and here.

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Styling Polka dots + Lace, timeless and classic (OOTD)

Today, I combined two of my loves….lace and polka dots. As I mentioned above, they are both timeless, classy, and classic, and I love them for that reason. The sheer, silk polka dot top, which I layered over a monochrome camisole, is versatile, in that it’s forgiving to wear backwards…which is what I did here. The pussy bow is actually, technically supposed to be tied in the back, but worked perfectly well, just cos I wanted it in front.

The turquoise green lace pant, on the other hand calls to mind vintage elegance and sophistication. The sheer component evokes a sexy vibe. I played up the vintage vibe of the lace and polka dot by pairing with this large boom floppy hat, previously seen here. In addition, you have also previously seen this sandals here

Alternative styling tips

  • Because the top is sheer, it’ll pair perfectly well with a pair of skinny jeans or these palazzo pants as well
  • Also, pair the lace pants with this hooded slogan tee for an understated chic vibe
  • Pair with this midi skirt to amp up the vintage vibe
  • Style as above, but with these heels instead. I also love these. Try these as well
  • For transitioning into the fall season, pair with this classic trench
  • Add this leather jacket to toughen up you look

How else would you style this look. Lemme know in comments below.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. See you next week…Ciao!!