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Valentines day outfit inspo + Musings

Valentines day outfit inspo + Musings

Hello loves!Alas…its another Valentine’s Day! Got any plans? I am scheduled to work, so nothing here. A bit of a different format for my post today. I’m posting a Valentines day outfit inspo + Musings as I’d just celebrated another birthday, so I though it appropriate to sharing some of my thoughts and feelings. Not so much what I’ve learned, but simply…my thoughts as to where I am today.

I am wearing an old sleeveless handkerchief hem bcbg dress styled with this handbag here, and these boots seen here and here. In addition, I previously styled the leather jacket here. Also, these Tibi sandals.

Find YOUR voice and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. No one can do it better than YOU can. 

I grew up quiet and introverted with a big heart, even into my early adult years, and as a result, I got taken advantage of by friends and some family members alike. 

With age and maturity came the much needed courage, daring, and strength to find myself, my voice and my truth. Although, I am no longer the same quiet and introverted young woman I was, I have shed that…still keeping my big heart tho…no one can make me sad and bitter, for I refuse to relinquish that power to anyone!

I turned 46 this past week. A new milestone in my life! In spite of all of my achievements, accomplishments, and personal relationships… I feel the most proud about my relationship with God, and my ability to speak my truth…bitter or sweet, not minding as much who gets their feelings hurt in the process. 

No, I am not callous, nor righteously indignant, however, I feel that the truth is the truth no matter how we try to paint or cover it up. 

I have the courage to go after what I want without fear or concern for what others may think or say…the courage to have my voice heard…the courage to be proud of what I bring to the table in any and every situation…the courage to assert my worth without being rude or indignant…the courage to carry myself with dignity…the courage to demand and take the respect that is due to me…the courage to speak my truth!

My message to my younger impressionable self would still be…have the Courage to speak your truth!

Friends will come and go, the true ones will remain no matter, because they value, and are not afraid to hear the truth!

Hundreds of you read my blog, follow, like, and comment on my posts each and every day, although I do not measure my worth in the number of likes and comments, but rather as an acknowledgement that my truth holds true.

I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for valuing, acknowledging, and appreciating that truth! Thank you for following me on this journey, and I wish you the very best of what you wish yourselves.

What are your thoughts on this different format for my post today? Just posting Valentines day outfit inspo + Musings or just my style with a focus on my musings? I may do this once in a while. Anyways….

Happy birthday to me!!! And Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!! 😘

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week. Ciao!!