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What are probiotics, and why are they of any import?

What are probiotics, and why are they of any import?
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You might be wondering why I decided on the topic, what are probiotics, and why are they of and import? on a fashion post. Surprise…I am a huge health freak, see my other posts here and here.  

While there have been improvements in the way we grow, eat, prepare, and store our foods, this has come with a great deal of disadvantages as well. Our current diets which largely includes all forms of sugars, and the addition of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, and pesticides that are harmful to our health, has ensured that food quality is no longer what it used to be!

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On a more serious note, I believe that Fashion and health do go hand-in-hand. Cue in that beautiful skin glow we all crave. A skin free of acne, eczema spots and a healthy weight, right? So, yes, probiotics play a huge role in our overall health!

In addition, Staying healthy is a passion of mine. Besides the fact that I’m in the healthcare industry, I’ve always had a knack for wanting and staying healthy. Thank God I have great genes, as far as not worrying about weight loss and some other diseases. I recognize that not many people have that luck, but I still have to work hard to maintain my health. Especially in this day and age of fast food and junk foods flooding every space and corner, even being disguised as healthy and good for you.

What are probiotics, and why are they of any import?

But thankfully, health and wellness is becoming more and more important to the average American. Most people are now recognizing the importance of eating healthy. We now also recognize the role that food plays in maintaining that health, and even treating diseases.

We face a constant barrage of ads pushing us to consume sugary foods. It takes commitment and willpower to be able to overcome this constant barrage and temptation of junk and fast foods around. However, the good news though is all it takes is small deliberate steps each day. These small steps grow into huge gains eventually.

What are probiotics, and why are they of any import?

So, what are probiotics and why are they of any import?

Probiotics are good, and uber important bacteria that line the walls of our guts. We have to maintain a healthy balance ratio of 80/20. That is, 80% good and 20% bad bacteria for a healthy gut system. Because the gut immune system controls our Brain function and immune health, it becomes even more imperative to guard our gut health. The gut surface area is even larger than the skin surface area…think about that!

This imbalance has been associated with many disease conditions. Diseases such as autoimmune inflammatory conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, Asthma, IBS etc. All of the above, and much more has led to an over growth of harmful bacteria and candida, and an unhealthy gut flora, while important bacteria (probiotics) has seen a steep decline.

So why are probiotics of any import?

  • They are important in forming some needed vitamins, and some enzymes like B12. Nit B12 is important in nerve cell function, producing red blood cells, preventing birth defects, provide energy, healthy nails, skin…etc.
  • keeping us regular to prevent constipation;
  • Help heal our intestinal tract lining. This helps to prevent “leaky gut” and the cross-over of harmful chemicals and bacteria into our blood stream.
  • maintain a healthy balance of vaginal bacteria, thus vaginal health.
  • support our healthy immune function and prevent it from overreacting, thereby helping with diseases such as IBS, RA etc.
  • healthy skin;
  • mental health, because the gut nervous system is in direct communication with our brains.
  • Maintain a healthy weight by increasing and maintaining the balance of good and bad bacteria. This balance helps metabolize or breakdown food adequately for easier absorption.
  • Easy be beneficial in cancer prevention and treatments. Our guts habor up to 80% of our overall powerful immune system.
  • allergy prevention in diseases like asthma, by suppressing the overreaction of our immune systems!
  • Probiotics can also help with lowering high blood pressure, and high cholesterols levels.

Solution? Add some high quality probiotic to your diet to help rebalance the ratio of good and bad bacteria. Besides the pill form, Probiotics can be found in some foods, which I’ll discuss in my nest post!

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