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What does it mean to be a sustainable consumer?

What does it mean to be a sustainable consumer?
What does it mean to be a sustainable consumer?

Hey loves!

What does it mean to be a sustainable consumer? First, did you know that the fashion industry, as a whole, is the second largest source of environmental pollution and landfill clog, only behind the chemical industry? This threatens the global environment. Sustainable fashion is not just about producing fashion made from sustainable materials. It also include fair trade concerns. Sustainability in fashion does not, and should not just stop in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers, designers, and retailers like H & M, Levis, Adidas, GAP Inc., Guess, Stella McCartney ( see the full list here), have joined a coalition to identify measures that will help improve sustainability in the industry. Sustainability is measured by the Gas emission index, water consumption and pollution, energy consumption, deforestation.

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However, the burden does not fall on manufactures alone, it should, and does extend to us, the consumers…..What can we, collectively do to remove or reduce this threat? We should be sustainable fashion consumers! Check out my previous post here.

In addition, JackandJill is helping spread an awareness by hosting a sustainable fashion award, SFA2018, that is open to designers and brands, professionals and emerging talents alike, who are leading the way to a sustainable fashion future. Most importantly, entrants have a chance of winning $3000. Don’t miss this chance, click here to enter.


What does it mean to be a sustainable consumer?

  • Educate yourself. Know where and how the products you purchase are made
  • Buy quality over quantity
  • Interact with designers you love, with via twitter handle or email, and encourage them to embrace sustainability measures. demand more accountability from them. Challenge them to minimize their impact and carbon foot print on the environmental.
  • Repair, reuse and recycle your garments rather than just throwing them out. See my previous post here for more tips.

Finally, on to what I’m wearing…

So, I’m playing with colors and prints here…matching as much as I can, wearing a top I purchased last year, which had to be repaired. The off-shoulder portion lost it’s elasticity, the elastic band had snapped off, so my sister had to fix it for me. Otherwise, it would have probably ended up in a land-fill somewhere. I’ve previously styled it, but unfortunately, it didn’t make it to the blog.

Additionally, the skirt was custom made for me about 3 years ago. Love it, but for got about it…smh! The heels, on then other hand, I have previously style here, here, and here. I’m in love with it..color and fit. The necklace was previously style here, while the clutch was style here and here. Basically, the only thing new is my belt.

So, how else would you style this look with items from your closet?

Thanks for stopping by…see you next week. Ciao!!


What does it mean to be a sustainable consumer?


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